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We help you Launch, Grow and Automate skill based Web3 Communities/DAOs.

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When you saw 'community,' did you think of a space/locality? We don't blame you.
But if you go a level deeper, you would agree we as humans have aggregated ourselves around skills first and then space, language, interest, etc. Remember, our forefathers were called hunters and gatherers first, then Afrikaans. India's varna system is based on Skills.

So we focus on Skill-based communities Predominatly..

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Community - Microcosm of an Economy

A community is a microcosm of an economy.

It has the Skilling System, Jobs & Projects System, and the Productivity System. Which translates to Labour, Capital and Producitivy at a macro scale. Hence Microcosm of an Economy

An entire economy squeezed into an organisation.

"Web3" Equivalent

The "Web3" term for such institutions are DAOs, hence the term DAOcommons for our community building protocol. A smart contract between individuals with operations and incentivization rules make up the DAOcommons protocol.

"Real World" Equivalent

Cooperatives / Coops or a Public Limited Company or a Labour Union is the closest equivalent legal registrations of such Communities / DAOs

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The Three Systems that Sustain a Web3 Community

People, Process, and Incentives powered by DAOcommons

Skilling System - DAOcommons

Labour / People / Supply /Skilling System

The workshops, cohort-based courses, learning circles, and other skilling sides of a community. The learning activity log of an action within a community.

DAOcommons - Demand System

Capital / Growth / Market / Demand System

The projects and gigs and jobs side of a community. The performance activity log of an action within a community.


Processes / Wellbeing / Operating System

The process aspect of the system along with validation of work of activity members incentivizes learning, performance, and community-building activities of a community. The community building activity log of an action within a community.

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We let our work answer this question

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World's First PreNFT Content & Rights Platform

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LifeSkills Gamified for Students

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qDAO - Web3 Quantum Community
Opportunity for Quantum Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts to fractionally own the Community and grow personally.



Reinvigorating the Community Economy



All things Science, Tech & Policy related to Quantum Computing in India



Soft-Skills Improvement through Performing Arts



Comprehensive Wellbeing through Consistent Productivity



All things Sales, Marketing & Strategy


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4.5 / 5

GOD team helped us identify the key issues that were hindering our community and provided practical solutions that were easy to implement. As a result, our community is now more engaged and connected than ever before.

Karthi Ganesh - Partner - QuantumComputingIndia
5 / 5

"I am working with MSP & GG to help develop a launch strategy for our organization. They are professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful from the start.

Deepak Gunalan - CEO at JeevanBuddhi
5 / 5

Sam and GG are extremely responsive and their deep knowledge about Startups and Growth helped us streamline our positioning and the launch of the community is seamless

Satish Kataria - Founder - Fandora


Always know what you`ll Pay [We accept Cash + Tokens]


3 Months

$ 4K - 10K/mo
  • Identity of Community
  • Community Launch Strategy
  • Community Tech Stack Setup
  • Community Channels setup
  • Community Launch

Launch & Build

9 Months

$ 3K - 10K/mo
  • Everything in Launch Plan
  • Dedicated Community Manager
  • Community Operations Optimisation
  • Community Growth

Launch, Build & Automate

16 Months

$ 2K - 10K/mo
  • Everything in Launch & Build Plan
  • Community Tech Stack Automation
  • In-house Community Team Setup
  • In-house Community Team Handover

CaseStudy - QuantumComputingIndia

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